Education-To-Employment: The Tech Behind The Transition

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Education & Employment

Our first event, Getting to the end of the month, focused on those start-ups developing digital products and services, which are helping people survive the financial month.

Our second event, which is being delivered in partnership with O2's Think Big, looks at those exciting new businesses at the very forefront of innovation in the areas of education and employment; two vital ingredients for the growth of both the individual and the country.

Technology’s role in education is growing exponentially but “flipped” classrooms, distance learning and gamification are only a few disruptive factors revolutionising the classroom. The impact technology has on the transition from education-to-employment has also increased.

The second event in our digital mouthpiece series will explore not only those technological solutions aiding education-to-employment but also showcase start-ups doing exciting things in those areas.

Featured start-ups:

  • I Can Make (Wayra UnLtd) 
  • Third Space Learning (Wayra UnLtd) 
  • Potentially (Wayra UnLtd) 
  • Proversity (Wayra UnLtd) 
  • SAM Labs (Microsoft Ventures)
  • Cognisess (Microsoft Ventures)
  • KO-SU (Microsoft Ventures)
  • Zzish (TechStars)


Speakers to date:

  • Simon Bozzoli, Founder, UnLtd Group
  • Alan Greenberg, former Apple Education, investor and Director Education at Zzish
  • Evgeny Shadchnev, Co-Founder and CEO, Makers Academy
  • Natalie Campbell, A Very Good Company


When: Wednesday 8th April, 11am-1:30pm with a networking lunch to follow.

Where: 3rd floor, Wayra, Shropshire House, 2-10 Capper St, WC1E


To feature as a speaker/start-up, contact

Want to attend our event on healthcare on 20th April? Click here to RSVP.

What is Digital Mouthpiece?

Wayra UK and Wayra UnLtd, our ground-breaking partnership with the Cabinet Office that remains the only corporate accelerator supported by the Social Incubation Fund, were created to do good while doing well. 

With that in mind, we’re organizing a series of non-partisan meet-ups before the next election (7 May) that will showcase how the UK’s start-ups are already offering compelling solutions to the problems that most worry today’s voters. 

Indeed, as Adam Lent, Director of the RSA Action and Research Centre has recently noted, there is currently no more politically important concept than creativity. Our aim is to demonstrate that calling upon the creative power of the UK’s entrepreneurs is one particularly effective means of addressing social issues including:

  • Immigration and race relations.

  • Economic growth.

  • Healthcare.

  • Unemployment.

  • Education.

  • Housing.

  • Income inequality / cost-of-living.

  • Support for the elderly.

We will hold these bimonthly, non-partisan events at Wayra’s recently refurbished London academy and live-stream it across Wayra TV to engage a wider audience. The format will include a combination of fireside chats, pitches and product demos.  The audience will consist primarily of entrepreneurs, organizations related to each area of concern, media sponsors and any interested voter.


Former Apple Education, investor and Director Education at Zzish

CEO and Founder
Third Space Learning

Founder & CEO

Managing Director

Digital Strategy and Public Relations
SAM Labs

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur, Journalist/Writer, Business Coach
A Very Good Company

I Can Make


Co-Founder and CEO
Makers Academy

Founder and CEO

Founder & Chief Executive
UnLtd Group

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